Calibration of Stereo Gamma Camera to Estimate 3D Distance for Radioactive Sources


Radiation detection devices; also known as particle detectors; are vastly used to track and identify radioactive sources, such as Gamma, X-Ray within a given area. The 3D distance to such radioactive sources can be estimated using stereo radiation detection devices. In stereo vision, the devices should be calibrated before they are used to acquire stereo images. In this research, we introduce a new idea to calibrate a ‘Hybrid Pan/Tilt type – Stereo Gamma camera’ using Planar Homography. The calibrated cameras are then used to generate stereo gamma images, where they are treated with enhanced bilinear interpolation method for noise reduction and smoothing. 3D distance calculation experiments infer the accuracy of our research, where the overall error lies less than 3%.


Project Introduction


Project Overall Introduction



Experiment Results