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What is computer & Robot Vision?

Humans use their eyes and brains to see and visually sense the world around them. Computer vision is the science that aims to give a similar capability to a machine or computer. It includes methods for capturing two-dimensional images of the real world using cameras and then process, analyse, and understand those images in order to acquire two-dimensional or three-dimensional information of the surrounding. In particular, our laboratory has a lot of interest in the research and development of 3D computer vision and robotics technology which has the following applications.

  • Object recognition and tracking techniques using image & video analysis for security and surveillance
  • Location awareness techniques for autonomous navigation of unmanned robots and cars
  • Lane recognition, road environment recognition, and road sings recognition for smart cars
  • Three-dimensional medical image processing
  • Human motion analysis for healthcare applications
  • Extracting three-dimensional shape and color information of objects for 3D printing
  • Multiview techniques for creating 3D-TV contents